Data Center Financing Solutions

The Challenge

Graybar Financial Services® (GFS) is the equipment-financing arm of Graybar. GFS specializes in providing competitive, value-added financing solutions to commercial and state and local government customers that are interested in acquiring energy efficiency, telecommunications, data networking, security and technology equipment and services. GFS can play a pivotal role in securing sales and helping customers finance the equipment they need.

When Graybar California Business Development Manager Julie Martinez and California Sales Representative Raul Parra realized their customer, Wilcon, could benefit from financing to purchase Brocade networking equipment to improve their business, the Graybar sales team turned to GFS.

Graybar Solution

Julie and Raul connected Wilcon to GFS to provide a lease-to-own payment plan that allowed them to purchase Brocade’s MLX routers and ICX switches over 36-months.

GFS created a low fixed monthly payment for a specified term. At the end of the term, Wilcon paid one dollar to complete the purchase of the equipment. This allowed them to spread the cost out over time while still immediately getting the products to help their business.

GFS can add value for contractors and resellers by providing a 100% project financing solution to offer to the end user. Doing so can help Graybar provide a complete solution by bundling charges related to equipment installation, maintenance and software into a monthly payment option.

The Result

By working with GFS, Julie and Raul provided a one-stop shop for Wilcon by providing both the product and the financing. Wilcon is utilizing the new Brocade system to provide Layer 2 services from one platform, which allows them to offer service provider-level Ethernet and expand its customer base.

"GFS allowed us to purchase the product at a price we could afford," said Reginald Scales, Wilcon Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "I’m thankful that Graybar offers financing services on the products we need to improve our business."


Wilcon Facts

Business Needs
Wilcon explored financing options in order to purchase needed equipment.

Financing Solution
A lease-to-own payment plan will allow Wilcon to purchase Brocade’s MLX routers and ICX switches over 36 months.

Business Value
Wilcon is utilizing the new Brocade system to provide Layer 2 services from one platform, which enables them to offer service provider-level Ethernet. By financing the purchase with GFS, they can expand their customer base and service offerings.

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