Broadband Utility

Graybar offers products to serve customers in the telephone industry, cable television, voice, video and data broadband applications, municipals, utilities, local exchange carriers and the contractor community.

At Graybar we understand when your Apps (FTTx, optical networking, headend, IPTV, wireless backhaul and other carrier class services) work, your customers' Apps (Internet, iPhones, iPads, Androids, gaming, 3D TV, HD TV and other bandwidth-grabbing apps) work! That’s why we offer industry-leading sales, service and solutions.

Our specialized Broadband Utility sales force can help service providers and utilities integrate existing infrastructure platforms, take fiber deeper into their networks and deploy wireless solutions to enhance broadband service capabilities. Our extensive offering of supply chain services can help reduce costs and improve profitability. With our zone warehouses, we are able to offer access to products unique to our customers, and we can stage product deliveries to meet specific installation requirements.

When you work with Graybar, you receive:

  • Personal assistance and advice from our dedicated Broadband Utility Representatives who understand your business
  • Technology recommendations and design assistance from our Network Systems Specialists
  • Scalable solutions from our best-in-class manufacturers nationwide distribution network
  • Superior customer service from an employee-owned company
  • Start-to-finish attention to detail that helps you manage your most complex projects for maximum efficiency

Broadband Utility News

SLMO BelRidge interior of warehouse

SingleMode Fiber Now Available from Inventory

CommScope, Corning and OFS SingleMode Fiber available from inventory now! Contact a Graybar representative for pricing and availability.

Be the First to Secure your Aerial Buddy for Aerial fiber/cable installation

Install more cable in less time with the Aerial Buddy. This handy tool from Jameson eliminates delays caused by cable and pull tape derailing. Learn more about this time-saving tool.

Graybar and Actelis Now Working Together

Actelis Networks is the industry leading provider of high performance, scalable broadband over copper solutions. Actelis turns copper into a strategic asset that enables delivering reliable, high-speed Ethernet services and broadband access to more places more quickly, easily and cost effectively than can be done by using fiber optics or microwave.

Graybar and Actelis can help provide you with a low-cost alternative to fiber. Contact us to learn more about the many products and solutions Actelis has to offer.

Graybar and Petzl

Petzl creates solutions that provide professionals with simple, solid, esthetic tools without compromise. From rock and concrete anchors, to compact and rugged headlamps, to on-site and technical rescue solutions, Petzl has the tools and resources you need to access the most inaccessible places, both day and night. Contact us to learn more about Graybar and Petzl’s offerings and schedule your on-site Tower Access and Rescue Workshop today.

  • Petzl Tower and Rope Access Solutions Brochure

    In 2014, Petzl is proud to introduce the new AVAO BOD ANSI, CSA, and NFPA certified full-body harness line. Also invaluable to those working at height is the new ASAP and ASAP LOCK mobile fall arresters for rope. The following pages contain more details.

  • Greenlee Inventory Announcement

    Graybar is happy to announce we have placed a purchase order with Greenlee to bring in a sizeable quantity of Fusion Splicers and OTDRs in order to help us meet customer demand.

  • Hardened Products for Smart Grid Communication Networks

    Transition Networks' Industrial Ethernet solutions will help ease your migration to Ethernet by providing improved reliability and security; while allowing for better visibility and control of data throughout your network.


  • Graybar Utility Service Provider Solutions Brochure

    Graybar serves customers in the telephone industry, cable television, municipals and utilities deploying voice, video and data broadband applications; competitive local exchange carriers and the contractor community.

  • Services

    Graybar serves customers in the telephone industry, cable television, municipals deploying voice, video and data broadband applications; utilities deploying voice, video and data broadband applications; competitive local exchange carriers, and the contractor community.


  • Tools and Services to Make Optical Migration Easier

    Whether troubleshooting FTTx, Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC), fiber links between Central Offices, or working on regional or rural access networks, Fiber OneShot PRO is your first response to fiber trouble.


  • 3M™ Fiber Dome Stubbed Terminal

    The compact 3M™ Fiber Dome Stubbed Terminal FDST 08S is designed to be deployed in outside plant environments. The re-enterable hermetically sealed stubbed terminal /FDU can be deployed in aerial strand, pole, pedestal or handhole/vault applications.


  • AFL’s new XFM-HD product line

    FL’s Xpress Fiber Management-High Density (XFM-HD) MPO-based solutions are designed and engineered specifically for our customers on the front lines installing equipment.