New Hammer-In Wall Anchor Requires No Tools, Little Time

Metallics WallClaw

If you have a hammer and a screwdriver, you're set to save time and money anchoring virtually anything with Metallics new WallClaw hammer-in drywall anchors. These innovative double-hinged designed anchors install in seconds with no drilling required. Simply hammer the self-drilling, nail-like anchor into the wall...apply the supplied flat-head screw through the item you want to secure to the wall … and you're done. The anchor tip bends against the back of the wallboard when a screw is driven into it, locking the anchor in place.

With the WallClaw anchor, no messy sheetrock dust means no clean up. And if necessary, WallClaw is easily removed – just take out the screw and pull – leaving behind only a nearly imperceptible slit.

Available in packages of 25, 50 or 100 anchors, contractor-approved WallClaw is the fastest, easiest and strongest hammer-in anchor available. Ask your Graybar representative for all the details.

[PDF] Metallics WallClaw Cut Sheet

Features at a Glance

  • Installs in seconds without drilling
  • Works in both in. and in. drywall
  • Industrial-strength reinforced nylon body
  • Unique locking leg grabs back of drywall to secure anchor
  • Removable anchor leaves a hard-to-see hole
  • Won't rotate and unscrew from drywall
  • Made in the U.S.A.