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  • Best Practices for Deploying and Maintaining Distributed IT Infrastructure

    Reliance on connectivity and technology close to the user, at distributed locations with no on-site IT expertise and limited physical security, is pressuring budgets and SLAs while increasing risk of a security breach. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to better manage cost and risk at the edge of the network. Learn how to improve speed of IT deployment, increase application availability, lower service costs and harden security in remote compute locations. Sign up for the webinar.


  • Lighting That Clearly Works for Food Processing Plants

    High visibility and well-distributed lighting is a requirement of all food processing facilities. This webinar from Holophane will guide you through the steps of choosing lighting that will create a safe, sanitary and productive environment, while meeting your energy goals. Sign up for the webinar.


  • How LED Lighting Can Make You A Warehouse Rock Star

    Join GE Lighting and Graybar as they separate the fact from fiction when it comes to lighting renovation in warehouses and distribution centers. This webinar will cover the benefits of new high bay lighting solutions, including costs, energy savings, lifespan, and brightness, while demonstrating how old HID and fluorescent lighting could be costing you more than you think. We’ll provide the tips you need to implement a hassle-free lighting upgrade. Sign up for the webinar.


  • T&B Fittings High Temperature Liquidtight Conduit Fittings

    Designed for use in temperatures to 150°C (302°F), these conduit fittings are perfect for demanding environments, such as pulp and paper mills, and applications that include industrial ovens, boilers, furnaces and kilns. Learn more.


  • Get it Done Faster With KwikSplice Cable Tray System from Eaton

    Eaton hears your woes, installers. You asked for a performance-driven, easy-to-install cable-management system, and Eaton delivered. Ideal for commercial, light industrial, data centers, and government settings, the B-Line series KwikSplice cable tray system reduces installation time and hardware by up to 50 percent. So you’re happy, and your customers are happy. (Everyone wins.) Read more.


  • What You Don’t Know About Multimode Fiber But Should

    Data center managers constantly balance escalating data rates and the costs to build infrastructures that will support bandwidth today and tomorrow. In this webinar you will learn how Wide Band Multimode Fiber (WBMMF) will enable migration from 10 to 40 to even 100 Gigabit speeds over a single fiber pair, as well as provide legacy support for existing applications. You will come away with an understanding of the application drivers, multiplexing technology, parallel fiber transmission, and Short Wavelength Wave Division Multiplexing. This presentation from CommScope will also review the cabling evolution roadmap and the WBMMF specification framework. Receive 1 BICSI CEC for this webinar.


  • Graybar Helps Country Club Enhance Member Experience

    Thanks to the LED lighting upgrades, Forest Hills expects a first-year energy savings of approximately $10,862, which would result in a five and a half month payback, and projected 10-year energy savings of approximately $143,133.


  • The Future of Copper Cabling and Implications of 25 and 40GBASE-T

    This informative webinar by Siemon will summarize the progress that IEEE 802.3, TIA, and ISO/IEC have made towards defining objectives for 25G/40GBASE-T and developing requirements for next generation cabling. Receive 1 BICSI CEC for this webinar.


  • Custom Make-to-Order Program

    For electrical contractors and installers, extra time and labor means higher costs. No job or network need is the same, so why rely on piecemeal, one-size-fits-all solutions? Leviton provides online custom configurators for a variety of fiber and copper connectivity. This translates into a unique solution that fits your exact needs for each network—quickly and easily.


  • Advantages of Cloud-Based Testing in the Datacom World

    Datacom installers certify cabling systems for many reasons: To support manufacturer warranty requirements, meet customer qualifications, or just to ensure quality workmanship. Managing the certification job efficiently is critical to the quality and timely completion of the job. In this Fluke Networks webinar, learn how cloud-based products can eliminate errors and rework, reduce time required to complete the job, and ensure all testing is done as per specification.