Five Dimming Pitfalls to Avoid

We recently replaced two incandescent can lights in our bathroom with some LED retrofit cans. While the upgraded lighting looks beautiful, the controls are causing an ongoing headache. Read more.


Adjusting Color Temperature with LED

Don’t you just love that soft, warm glow of firelight? Or how about the dim, warm ambiance of a nice restaurant when you’re celebrating a special anniversary? It’s so important to us that now we’ve convinced our solid-state lighting manufacturers to mimicking this incandescent lighting property in the LED lighting that they make. Read more.




Lighting Blog

Graybar Industrial Lighting Retrofit Solutions

Rising electricity costs, environmental regulations and concerns about employee well-being have businesses looking for an energy strategy that will not only save money, but will add value into the future. With lighting accounting for more than 20 percent of the energy used in most industrial facilities, increased efficiency can make a big difference to your monthly energy bill.

Graybar PowerSmart® Lighting Retrofit Solutions Brochure

Graybar, along with its contractors and manufacturers, offer energy-saving lighting solutions. This brochure describes some of those solutions and benefits in detail.