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  • GE Lighting BR30 Lamps

    GE Lighting projects the Las Vegas Sands Corp. will cut electricity use by nearly 4.1 million kWh per year in its meeting facilities alone, saving more than $400,000.


  • Lighting Renovations – Commercial Spaces

    Does your commercial space need an update? How old is the existing lighting? Sometimes, just a lighting upgrade can make an old space seem brand new. Read more.


  • Looking for Renovation Opportunities?

    Here are 5 key places to look for lighting renovation opportunities and 5 questions to ask while you’re at it. Read more.


  • How to Determine Lamp Lumen Depreciation

    Lamp lumen depreciation is a factor used by lighting designers to predict the depreciation in light output for a specific light source over a defined period of time. Defining the specific lamp lumen depreciation depends on the type of light source, such as metal halide, fluorescent or LED. Read more.


  • Which LED Should I Buy? – Five Rules of Thumb

    You want to save money on your electric bill. You know that using LEDs can help you save money, but which LED should you buy? If you aren't a lighting expert, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast quantity of LED options in the marketplace. Scratch that – even if you are a lighting expert it is easy to get overwhelmed with the choices. Read more.


  • Useful Resources for Selecting Lighting

    How to choose lighting seems to get more complicated by the day. Many fixture and lamp manufacturers have tools to help you know which fixture, lamp, or light bulb to install. We decided to provide you with a list of our favorite helpful links here. If you are overwhelmed with a lighting purchasing decision, these links can help you decide what to buy. Read more.


  • Ode to the Incandescent Light Bulb

    The final phase of the EISA 2007 incandescent lamp phase-out began on January 1, 2014. It is now illegal to manufacture 40 or 60-watt lamps in the USA. Read more.


  • Easy Downlight Conversions

    One of the best and easiest ways to save money in your facility is by reducing lighting energy costs. Convert old lighting fixtures into miniature money-saving centers. If you think a lighting retrofit is daunting because of complicated re-wiring, think again. Read more.


  • Five "Intangibles" Impacted By Lighting

    In looking ahead to 2014, the CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation notes that we are creating a culture of health. Read more.


  • What Will Define Lighting in 2014?

    It is turning into a world where lighting companies are simply lighting companies rather than separate component makers working together to make or assemble individual parts of a fixture. As the line between fixture and lamp blurs, the definition of who manufactures what does, too. For now, all of these manufacturers are still walking the tightrope of working together – as frenemies – to continue to grab market share. Read more.