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  • RELOC Wiring from Acuity Brands

    RELOC® Wiring from Acuity Brands® provides solutions that reduce installation time and are easily adaptable to changes in the field, whether they occur during construction or after a building is occupied. Read more.


  • Be a Control Freak: Understanding Energy Costs in Your School

    A facility director is challenged with improving the campus environment while spending less money. One of the things we know is that K12 schools and higher education facilities spend about $14 billion on energy through the course of the year. That’s more than we spend on the school nutrition program. And we also know that at least a third of that energy is wasted. Read more.


  • Can Lighting Make You Healthy?

    One of the most fascinating fields of study in lighting today is in the area of light and health. It isn’t too surprising that light has a major impact on our circadian rhythms. Exposure to the right color of light at the right time of day seems to impact health. Interestingly, this is not so much a “rods and cones” visual response as it is a non-visual response to light via the Melanopsin. Read more.


  • The Humble Parking Garage – Five Ways to Make it Better with Lighting

    I propose that it is possible to simply and beautifully turn the “basic” parking garage concept on its head. Instead of starting in the lobby, I challenge you to think of the parking garage as the building entrance. The parking garage is an important part of the entry sequence. Read more.


  • Lighting for Fixed Base Operators

    Today, as a lighting designer, I see how lighting upgrades could improve the day-to-day operations and profitability of an FBO. Read how.


  • Lighting for Security

    Can a building’s lighting contribute to its security? While there have been a number of studies on the topic of security lighting and some have indicated that lighting may improve security, as a whole these studies have been inconclusive. Lighting may or may not contribute to a person’s sense of security, and it might or might not reduce crime. Read more.


  • Acuity's OLF 2RH LED Motion Sensor Floodlight

    The new OLF 2RH motion activated LED floodlight is one of Acuity’s most economical LED safety enhancing solutions for residential and commercial property. Read more.


  • Acuity's P Series LED Modules: The Power of Performance

    The popular P Series family of high-performance LED modules from Lithonia Lighting® is now available in more finishes with an upgraded 93 CRI option to expand your options for energy-efficient, premium recessed lighting. Learn more.


  • Acuity Brands Incito 6" Adjustable LED

    Introducing the new Incito™ 6" adjustable LED downlight from Lithonia Lighting®, an energy-efficient solution that gives customers the ability to mount from an angled ceiling. Learn more.


  • Four Title 24 Standards You Should Implement, Even If You Are Not In California

    Should we design lighting systems to Title 24 requirements even if we aren’t designing in California? What’s the worst that can happen? You might find out that it actually IS easy being green. The California Energy Commission estimates that the 2013 standard will result in 372 GWh/year in electricity savings. That’s for non-residential buildings in California alone! Read more.