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How to Determine Lamp Lumen Depreciation

How to Determine Lamp Lumen Depreciation

Lamp lumen depreciation is a factor used by lighting designers to predict the depreciation in light output for a specific light source over a defined period of time. Defining the specific lamp lumen depreciation depends on the type of light source, such as metal halide, fluorescent or LED. Read more.

What is Lighting Quality?

We often talk about how high-quality lighting can promote productivity, comfort, and well-being. Now this concept has been incorporated into a credit in the newest version of LEED. Read more.

In Lighting: Two Things You MUST Know About Color

I encounter confusion about color and light almost daily. It used to be so easy to buy a "light bulb..." Now you practically have to be a scientist. Let’s break it down into two simple parts. Think of these as how the light looks and how it feels. Read more.

Color Stability

Have you ever noticed that over time, a nice white light can turn pink or blue or green? Have you noticed a difference in colors when you install a new lamp next to an old one? What you are seeing could be color shift, and although some are worse than others, all sources do it to some degree. Read more.


Graybar Teams Up With Local Community College for Auditorium Lighting Retrofit

Graybar recently helped the Haywood Community College in Clyde, N.C. save an estimated $6,000 annually by retrofitting the lighting system of its auditorium with a combination of Metalux Encounter™ and SkyRidge™ LEDs from Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business.


Graybar PowerSmart Helps Leading Robotics Manufacturer Upgrade Warehouse Lighting

Graybar addressed Yaskawa Motoman’s warehouse lighting needs with a seamless, start-to-finish solution that now allows for taller robotics equipment, which is projected to help reduce energy usage with a two-year positive return on investment.


Lighting Retrofit is Easy on the Eyes

When Graybar Manager, Kristian Reyes visited his optometrist, he didn’t need glasses to see that lighting improvements needed to be made. His proposed retrofit offered a 93% wattage reduction for the office.