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  • Acuity Brands Wireless Lighting Controls

    Acuity Controls introduces the new wireless occupancy sensor and switch that are simple to install for significant energy savings! Using RDT™ Wireless technology, these Sensor Switch® sensors communicate with compatible electronic switches to turn lighting loads off once a space becomes vacant. Read more.


  • LED Replacement Options for T8 Lamps

    There are lots and lots of existing T8 lamps out there in the world today. Offices are still almost exclusively illuminated with linear fluorescent tubes. Now that the lighting world is solidly solid-state, what are our options for all of those existing T8 fluorescent lamps? Read more.


  • The Energy-Efficient, Aesthetic LED Alternative: Metalux SkyBar™ High Bay Luminaire From Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business

    In commercial and industrial applications—from warehouses to big box retail—customers demand high and low bay lighting that delivers superior performance and efficiency. But traditional lighting solutions don’t always deliver. With superior efficiency, performance and ease of installation, the Metalux SkyBar™ High Bay Luminaire is the perfect choice for a variety of high and low bay applications. Read more.


  • Acuity's D-Series Area Pole Mount

    The new D-Series DSXWPM LED Area Luminaire by Lithonia Lighting is a pole mount version of the high performing D-Series wall mount luminaire. This luminaire creates a lower cost 250W MH replacement, with an expected service life of 20+ years and energy savings of up to 75 percent compared to traditional metal halide luminaires. Learn more.


  • JHBL LED high bay from Lithonia Lighting

    The JHBL LED high bay from Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting is designed for the most challenging spaces: machining, manufacturing, automotive, cold storage, natatoriums and so much more. This one-for-one replacement of traditional HID and fluorescent high bay systems features LED technology that provides 90 percent light output at 60,000 hours of normal operation. Learn more.


  • XPoint Wireless Powered by Adura

    Fixture-embedded occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and switching allow users to easily rezone and recalibrate light levels according to the changing needs of the space. Read more.


  • Be a Control Freak: Check Your Stairwells for Fast ROI

    One of the things we know from our data studies is that stairwells and corridors are mostly empty and unoccupied but the lights are always on. While working on a lighting project for a large university, we chose the Lithonia Lighting WL solution for the stairwells.


  • Be a Control Freak: Understanding Wall, Ceiling and Photocell Sensor Solutions

    Over the years, I’m constantly told by facility folks that the sensor project was one of the simplest, fastest, greatest impact and best return on investment projects they’ve done. Learn about sensor projects.


  • Shedding Light on LED Lighting

    So how can you know if you are getting the right LED for your application? Learn the metrics that describe light, then use these measurable, calculable numbers as a checklist to determine whether an LED product you are considering meets the needs of your project. Read more.


  • Be a Control Freak: Improving User Experience with Sensor Technology

    Over the years, I’m constantly told by facility folks that the sensor project was one of the simplest, fastest, greatest impact and best return on investment projects they’ve done. Learn about sensor projects.



Graybar Teams Up With Local Community College for Auditorium Lighting Retrofit

Graybar recently helped the Haywood Community College in Clyde, N.C. save an estimated $6,000 annually by retrofitting the lighting system of its auditorium with a combination of Metalux Encounter™ and SkyRidge™ LEDs from Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business.


Graybar PowerSmart Helps Leading Robotics Manufacturer Upgrade Warehouse Lighting

Graybar addressed Yaskawa Motoman’s warehouse lighting needs with a seamless, start-to-finish solution that now allows for taller robotics equipment, which is projected to help reduce energy usage with a two-year positive return on investment.


Lighting Retrofit is Easy on the Eyes

When Graybar Manager, Kristian Reyes visited his optometrist, he didn’t need glasses to see that lighting improvements needed to be made. His proposed retrofit offered a 93% wattage reduction for the office.