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  • GE LED T8 Integrated Tubes Refit Solution

    It’s easy to convert existing linear fluorescent fixtures to LED lighting without the need for a comprehensive reinstall. Introducing GE’s LED T8 Integrated Tubes, ideal for those seeking high energy savings with minimal cost and installation time. Read more.


  • Albeo™ LED High Bay Lighting (ABV Series) From GE Lighting: The Value-Driven, High-Performance Industrial Lighting

    Industrial tasks are no longer limited to daylight hours. (Thanks, Thomas Edison.) And today’s industrial customers demand optimal performance and total value. But not all lighting was created equal. With reduced costs and robust performance, GE Lighting’s Albeo™ ABV1 Series LED luminaire is the ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial spaces. Learn more.


  • Acuity Controls Blue Box LTD

    The new Blue Box LTD from Acuity Brands Controls adds cost-effective 0-10V dimming with the Field Configurable Relay for smart and simple switching and dimming. Read more.


  • Acuity Brands Controls

    Acuity Controls is advanced lighting controls technology, service and support from a single expert source. Acuity Controls offers one of the industry’s most extensive product portfolios for indoor and outdoor applications, single rooms to campuses to municipalities. Read more.


  • PGX LED Parking Garage Luminaire by Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting

    The PGX LED luminaire by Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting is designed to provide visual comfort, energy savings and long life. Its prismatic borosilicate glass lens delivers optimal visual comfort, superior photometric control and no discoloration over the life of the luminaire. Read more.


  • KAD-LED Area Light by Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting

    Cast in a traditional dayform, the KAD-LED area luminaire from Acuity Brands Lithonia Lighting® provides classic styling with the latest LED and controls technology. This stylish, high-performance luminaire is ideal for replacing 100-400-watt metal halide with typical energy savings of 65 percent and expected service life of over 100,000 hours. Learn more.


  • Free Lighting Controls eBook from Graybar and Acuity Brands

    Learn how to be a lighting control freak with this eBook from Graybar and Acuity Brands. The eBook is based off our recent G2 Talk Webinar: Be a Control Freak to Reduce Campus Lighting Costs.


  • TDD LED 2 from Lithonia Lighting

    The powerful TDD LED 2 luminaire from Lithonia Lighting® is a direct replacement for a 175-watt Mercury Vapor barn light, with energy savings of up to 82 percent. Read more.


  • OLWX1 Low Profile LED Wall Pack from Lithonia Lighting

    As versatile as it is efficient, the OLWX1 from Lithonia Lighting® is designed to replace up to 250-watt metal halide while saving up to 87 percent in energy costs. Read more.


  • E Series LED Recessed Module from Lithonia Lighting

    Available in 4" and a flexible 5" & 6" size, the E Series LED Recessed Module from Lithonia Lighting® combines dependable performance and low cost with the virtually maintenance-free, energy-saving benefits of 35,000 hour-life LED. Read more.



Graybar Teams Up With Local Community College for Auditorium Lighting Retrofit

Graybar recently helped the Haywood Community College in Clyde, N.C. save an estimated $6,000 annually by retrofitting the lighting system of its auditorium with a combination of Metalux Encounter™ and SkyRidge™ LEDs from Eaton's Cooper Lighting Business.


Graybar PowerSmart Helps Leading Robotics Manufacturer Upgrade Warehouse Lighting

Graybar addressed Yaskawa Motoman’s warehouse lighting needs with a seamless, start-to-finish solution that now allows for taller robotics equipment, which is projected to help reduce energy usage with a two-year positive return on investment.


Lighting Retrofit is Easy on the Eyes

When Graybar Manager, Kristian Reyes visited his optometrist, he didn’t need glasses to see that lighting improvements needed to be made. His proposed retrofit offered a 93% wattage reduction for the office.