Versatile, Cost- Effective Standard Cabinet Solutions

Looking for an economical, adaptable and immediately available cabinet to optimize, store and secure valuable, sensitive technology equipment? Graybar and Chatsworth Products, Inc. present the GF-Series GlobalFrame™ Cabinet System for server, network and mixed-use applications. Shipped immediately to fit your scheduling requirements, the GF-Series GlobalFrame offers a wide range of sizes in a standard cabinet. Its unique vertical exhaust duct configuration supports front-to-top airflow that uses CPI Passive Cooling® to isolate hot exhaust air as it exits the cabinet. This innovative solution creates a more uniform room air temperature that eliminates hot spots, allows higher temperature set points, increases chilled water temperatures and enables more hours of cooling at higher settings. As a result, your customers will save on utility costs.

The GF-Series GlobalFrame is also available in a standard configuration with perforated metal front and rear doors that support front-to-rear airflow in a traditional hot aisle/cold aisle or enclosed aisle application. Its enhanced frame design can handle equipment loads up to 3,000 lbs. (1,360 kg). There simply isn't a more versatile, easy-to-use or cost-effective standard cabinet for your customers' critical technology equipment than the GF-Series GlobalFrame – and it's delivered fast.

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Chatsworth GlobalFrame Family

Features and Benefits

  • Select models and accessories are stocked for immediate availability
  • More choices of industry-standard sizes and configurations to meet equipment and facility needs
  • Thermal management options include perforated front and rear doors, top panels with large cable knockouts and optional side panels to support front-to-rear airflow for conventional hot aisle/cold aisle or enclosed aisle environments
  • Preconfigured high-density solution includes a vertical exhaust duct and bottom panel to isolate and guide hot exhaust air out of the cabinet
  • Optional shock pallet allows the standard cabinet to be shipped loaded with up to 2,000 lbs. (907.2 kg) of installed equipment

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